Who Am I

| Interior Designer | Bucket List Traveller | Fashion Follower |

I established White Chalk Design over 16 years ago and as the Founder and Principal Interior Designer, lucky enough to design both commercial and residential projects. A curator of all things beautiful, a lover of all things design, a passion for spontaneity and above all not taking yourself too seriously. My aim is to deliver a range of inspiring decor, ‘bucket list’ travel and a hint of   fashion.

Its a lifestyle..my lifestyle…I hope you enjoy


Principal Designer @ White Chalk Design | Melbourne Australia


4 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. Hi, I liked your post about the New Brunetti. I also noticed you write a lot about Milan and it made me curious. I guess you like it. I’m from Milan, love it & hate it at the same time, as I have urge for travelling, and currently living in Melbourne. Well, if you’re interested in more of Milan, let me know!

      1. Hi, I’m really happy you love Milan, it makes me really happy everytime I hear it. I came here for my husband’s work, but I’m currently looking for a job. If you want to share about Milan or you have any tips on Melbourne, I’d be more than happy to hear about it.

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